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Thousands of Americans cross the border every year in order to save a great deal of money buying prescription drugs. This is a major industry, and total sales to foreigners exceeds two hundred million dollars annually. Despite these numbers, however, too many Americans have little or no information about purchasing prescription drugs from a Mexican pharmacy.

First and foremost: Mexico is a stable, regulated Republic with established rules and laws regulating drug manufacturing, distribution and sales. Counterfeit drugs are extremely rare, but alternative brands of drugs are quite common.

Mexican Pharmacies
There are two 'classes' of farmacias (pharmacies). The most common is sequnda clase (second class), which is allowed to sell all but regulated medicines. Pharmacies that sell controlled or regulated drugs are referred to as primera clase. Controlled medicines are those that are deemed as having a high potential for abuse, such as Tarpon®, Valium® and anabolic steroids. If the word 'controlado'' is used, it means that the drug is controlled and you can not buy it over the counter without a prescription from a recognized and registered Mexican doctor.

Don't you think a Mexican pharmacy can be beneficial to your health possibly and save you some money?

Check with your U.S. pharmacy before you leave home and ask your druggist if your medications are "class II or class III or class IV". If any of them are designated class II, III or IV, then you can be assured that you'll need a prescription to buy them from a Mexican pharmacy.

Drugs that are considered contralado are monitored by a federal agency called Sector Salud. If druggists are caught selling medicinas contralados without a prescription, Sector Salud can fine them, pull their business license or even put them in jail. The same conditions hold true for doctors that over-prescribe controlled medicines or prescribe inappropriate medicines such as anabolic steroids. If a doctor loses his federal registration number, he is branded an 'outlaw' and might as well take up truck driving for a living.

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