Lipitor ® (atorvastatin calcium) is a prescription drug used for lowering cholesterol.

Pfizer manufactures Lipitor and it is the number one selling medication of it' kind.

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Lipitor actually works!

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Below are some interesting things to know about the medication Lipitor pertaining to its benefits and what it's used for. If you realize or know that your cholesterol level is higher than it should be than Lipitor might be a medication for you. Speaking with your doctor about Lipitor could be very beneficial for your health and well being. Most likely you are aware that a good diet and exercise plan is very important pertaining to your cholesterol levels.

•Lipitor has been known to lower cholesterol levels by 29% to 45%.

•Lipitor can lower LDL cholesterol between 39% to 60%.

•Lipitor lowers triglyceride levels from 19% to 37%.

More about Lipitor

Currently more than 18 million people in the United States alone have used Lipitor.

It seems to be an ongoing trend that the cost of prescription drugs continues to rise, and those of you that need this medication sometimes cannot afford it and your budget. Lipitor is a very important medication to help improve your health and if you use an online pharmacy you will find that there is a generic alternative available at savings from 80% to 90% off of retail prices.

Safemeds not only sells Lipitor, but also hundreds of other popular prescription medications. It is not necessary for you to have a prior prescription before purchasing the medication you need online at Safemeds.

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