Take a look at the terms people use when looking for online pharmacies and see the small differences between them.

You will be able to determine which type of pharmacy is most beneficial to you possibly with this list.

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These stats are pulled from Overture's keyword selection tool . These are the amount of times people using Overture's services looked for these terms in the month of May, 2005. You will see it's amazing. Following the term is the actual number of times it was requested. You can almost triple these numbers for actual results if you add in Google, MSN, and all the other smaller engines together.

It is important that you understand there is only small variations between each one of the pharmacy types in this list. Most online pharmacies only vary in price, quality, and customer care actually. We have mentioned some of the differences though.

Online Pharmacy (433,172)

By far the most common because it does not apply to any one area. This type of pharmacy could be located anywhere in the world.

Canadian Pharmacy (301,052)

Known around the world for quality medicine but not always the best prices. Canada does restrict some medications from being distributed.

Canada Pharmacy (98,690)

The US and Canada are currently working together to stop these pharmacies from shipping across the boarder into the US.

Discount Pharmacy (70,493)

This term explains itself and will bring you a large selection of pharmacies to choose from though once again where might they be located. Note: What kind of quality medication will you find if they are completely focused on the term discount.

Internet Pharmacy (69,960)

Now you know what this is right? This type of pharmacy could have a store front or they could not. You do know for sure that they can be accessed from the internet.

Mexican Pharmacy (39,020)

Finally another pharmacy that specifies where its located. Remember targeting a phrase like this does not always mean that they are located in Mexico. They could be Africa for all you know but actually you are concerned about medication and not where it's coming from unless quality is an issue.

Overseas Pharmacy (26,473)

Overseas pharmacy means that it's overseas, right? Guess that depends on where they are and where you live. This term is used mainly by people from the US.

Foreign Pharmacy (25,848)

I guess it could be a pharmacy across the street and be foreign to you if you are not aware that it's located there. Actually once again a term used by people from North America looking for low priced medication and sometimes medication not available in their country.

International Pharmacy (7,168)

Actually any pharmacy in a country that sells across their countries borders could be considered international. This term is used also because people that travel abroad are more aware of great prices and selection of medication that you find in other countries than in your own typically.

Yes the list could continue but let's look at the numbers:

1,071,876 times people typed these terms into Overture search engine based sites. A very rough estimate would be that the combined traffic of all the search engines could be three million people looked for these types of pharmacies in May of 2005. This is far less than 1/2 the traffic the search engines receive when it comes to buying medications online. Most people type in the medication that they are looking for not knowing where to find it. Now you know the real story.

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