Chronic Pain

When you suffer from acute pain, it is a normal sensation triggered in the nervous system to alert you to a possible injury and the need to take care of yourself.
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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is different. Chronic pain persists. Pain signals keep triggering the nervous system for weeks, months or even years. This may occur due to initial mishap such as a sprained back, serious infection, or there may be an ongoing cause of pain such as arthritis, cancer, ear infection, but some people suffer chronic pain in the absence of any past injury or evidence of body damage. Elderly are mostly affected by chronic pain.

Common chronic pain complaints include headache, low back pain, cancer pain, and arthritis pain, pain resulting from damage to the peripheral nerves or to the central nervous system itself, or pain not due to past disease or injury or any visible sign of damage inside or outside the nervous system. Experts say the first step in treating chronic pain is to identify the source of the pain, if possible. Medications, acupuncture, local electrical stimulation, and brain stimulation, as well as surgery, are some treatments for chronic pain.

Psychotherapy, relaxation and medication therapies, biofeedback, and behavior modification are also used to treat chronic pain. Scientists believe that advances in neuroscience will lead to further and improved treatments for chronic pain in the years to come.

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